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AdFirm is a fresh new comedy series about a failing Brooklyn tech startup being infiltrated by a shaman spirit-brew syndicate.

From the moment CHASEY starts her first day at Belfrin Digital Marketing Technologies, something seems amiss. MARNI, the office manager, is contemptuous from the start, CHAZ, the absentee owner and heir to a business fortune who hired Chasey days before barely remembers her name, and the two “creatives” BEN and DIRK appear to spend their days gaming and writing stupidly misogynistic apps. Fresh out of B-school and ready to rock corporate America, Chasey presses the team to do something, but is met with stubborn resistance at every turn. Fed up, she starts looking for other options, but keeps getting pulled back in by the strange occurrences in this weird little world. A MyShaman delivery agent, GURU, keeps bringing in mysterious packages. Marni is secretive and hostile. Chaz constantly needs help sorting out life crises. The guys, um, are still the guys. Oh, and Chasey survives a possible assassination attempt. All during business hours!

Chasey’s drive for answers leads her toward a final outcome that is shocking, but it offers her an opportunity to be a part of a quickly growing business that could catapult her to the heights of Shaman Industry.